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The subject of cryptoart has recently come up again amongst my group of friends and I wanted to write out my thoughts on it.

Disclaimer: I’m just an idiot with opinions. I am not an expert. I’ve been involved with crypto related sphere for about a decade. I’m an artist, both traditional and digital. I’ve had some parts of this thesis rolling around in my head for awhile and figured that I might as well make it a post.

Here’s a way to think about things. Value is how…

Mr. Pete

The democratic caucus fiasco in Iowa is an example of an important thing:

Civic orgs, like the DNC or the government, need to stop using private contracting companies to build their closed source software. Democracy is at stake.

First let me establish some definitions, if you already know this stuff you can skip it, but I just want to make sure this article is accessible. Definitions have also been simplified for the purposes of addressing context.

What does “closed source software mean”?

“Source” refers to the code that a programmer writes to make a computer program. Source code is then…

Alright, so we’ve installed linux and the neural network now it’s time to actually run it!

First though I want to apologize for the delay in getting these last two parts of the tutorial series out. As I explained in my Skonk Works post, I’ve been learning so fast that it’s actually been kind of hard to catch time to digest and write any of it down.

For instance, this tutorial series began with teaching you how to install Ubuntu 16.04, but support for Ubuntu 16.04 has just ended and you really should install Ubuntu 18.04, which is what I…

Whew… it’s been a while huh?

Sorry about that. There’s a number of things that have kept me from keeping up with this web log, most importantly completing my neural network tutorial series.

Let me tell you about Skonk Works.

Originally published at www.jackalope.tech on April 30, 2018.

Okay so we’ve installed the Ubuntu partition last week, and now we’re going to install the neural network Deep Style. This is where stuff is probably the most difficult. I’m going to equip you with the tools to solve those problems.

What is a CLI?

When you use a program such as your internet browser, or Photoshop you are using a Graphical User Interface. GUI. Before GUI there were CLI . Command Line Interface. A GUI allows you to control a program using buttons. A command line interface allows you to control it using written commands…

Originally published at Jackalope.tech (follow the link to subscribe for more)

This article is meant to help artists, designers, and other non-technical* people set up a neural network on their computer. Here’s an article where I introduce the idea of neural networks and how they can be used by artists.

*I would call this a misnomer but that article isn’t finished yet.

What you will need

  1. Windows or Linux PC
  2. A powerful graphics card
  3. A flash drive with at least 8 gb of space
  4. A hard drive with at least 150 gb of free space
  5. A wired keyboard and mouse

You will need a…

It’s been a crazy month! I moved to a new apartment, started a new job, and volunteered for an art collective at SXSW 2018. I barely squeezed that last one in before the new job started. Three 10-hour days, and then Monday morning, bright and early in the office. Whew.

I’ve done this a few times though. It was really special this year since I was able to help Marshmallow Laser Feast, a very cool group of artists and engineers who work in London making fascinating, playful, innovative tech art. They’re actually one of the major reasons I work in…

So I finally tried Quill VR for Oculus (though I actually tested it using my HTC Vive using the ReVive project).

I’ve written previously about my experiences using Oculus Medium and Google Blocks, and thing I was most excited about when pre-ordered the Vive at 8 o’clock in the morning was Google’s Tiltbrush.

Ironically enough, the reason I was so excited for VR was because I hoped it would finally open up the world of 3D art creation for me, and it has, in that, wanting to be able to develop for it more fully, I’ve become a pretty…

Google just came out with a new virtual reality modeling app called Blocks. It’s significant in that it is the first traditional box modeling style application made from the ground up for VR. As I previously wrote an article on Sculpting in VR it seemed appropriate for me to write some quick thoughts on Blocks.

3D painting applications like Quill and Tiltbrush can output 3D meshes but they aren’t manifold (meaning self enclosed) and don’t follow the traditional workflow of a 3D modeling program, and sculpting programs like Oculus Medium are voxel based and use a sculpting metaphor so they’re…

How Artists Can Use Neural Networks to Make Art

This is the first in (hopefully) a series of articles explaining how artists can use neural networks like DeepStyle to make art.

UPDATE EDIT: With the interest given to this humble article, I have finally gotten around to writing the follow up articles. I have about 6 or so topics already in mind, and will be releasing them very soon on my website which you can find [here]. Sign up for my new [newsletter] or subscribe via [RSS] to see those updates as soon as they go live.

Let’s start with…

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