I feel a bit smug about flat design since I called for flat design back in 2012 while working as a student designer in my school’s media lab.

I also recognize the need for minimalism but I’ve also always been a fan of pushing stuff to the edge of good taste.

No plug meant here, but my new portfolio was very much built with that philosophy in mind: https://www.jackalope.tech/

I have been having a similar thought about skeumorphism lately. Espc because of the new spaces opened up for it in VR UI design.

I was a big fan of Material when it first came out because of how I felt it balanced flatness and physicality.

One aspect of it that has always stuck in my mind is how Google defined the size of shadows as indications of how far away a piece of paper was from the surface behind it, and how that could give clues to the order of objects etc.

They even provided calculations on how light would cast shadows etc.

In recently learning 3D software for VR stuff, I’ve been struck at the power of rendering software. I think that as our hardware improves we’ll start seeing skeumorophism coming back but not through photoshop doodling, but rather through the use of 3D technology in the space of 2D interfaces, and other dynamic technologies such as SVG/CSS filters. we may be seeing a point where bump mapping, height maps, etc could be added to interfaces to give them a textured but dynamic appearance. There’s a lot of really fascinating stuff going on right now in the 3D art world with procedural materials/textures too. That is ultimately I think the thing that drove flat design out into the open, was the need for things that could scale to many different screen sizes.

I think this article makes an interesting point but to truly make your point I think you should add some examples of well executed and recent skeumorphic design.

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